HardSilk RESinArt

  1. “Obelisk” 21x16x84”
  2. “The Drop” 33x33x60“  
  3. “Not Edgy, Just Nice” 6x6Ft.
  4. “Mini Mantis” 39.5x44.5x30.5”  
  5. “Diamond Desk Orbs” Various Sizes&Shapes 
  6. “No Gravity” 33x60x85”

Anat Fritz’ journey into art and interior design was born out of necessity rather than mere desire. The items, colors and textures she envisioned were elusive,  just as she had to cut her own hair when there was no hairdresser around that she trusted.

An unwavering determination to curate unique color palettes and shapes without compromise fueled her artistic endeavors.

The concept of naive kunst embolded her to adopt a fearless just do it approach with profound dedication to explore the mesmerizing encounter and work with resin. The deeper she went into that process, the more evident it became that she had discovered a genuine alternative for constructing durable and aesthetic structures, all with minimal resource and material investment – relying solely on resin, metal rods and her vision.

This passionate alliance bore immediate, tangible results, finally granting her the means to breathe life into long envisioned structures, shapes and unusual room accessories. It marked the realization of a vision that had long eluded her in the past.