KaleiDOsCopic TenTS

  1. “My Inner Temple” Resined Silk on Steel Frame / 6x5'7x9'7ft
  2. The “Nomadic Mantis Experience”, walk-in sculpture / 11x10x6.5ft

The longing to craft imaginative dwellings and fantastical structures has always been a secret passion for Anat Fritz.

When she was a child, wooden treehouses in the neighbourhood were her favorite hang-out place and beckoned exploration.

Fast forward to the winter of 2019. The streets of New York City filled with plastic huts hastily assembled, emerged to facilitate outdoor dining amid the pandemic. One day, dining in a particularly simple shack with plastic panels for walls, Anat Fritz felt the moment had come to finally get her own version of an outdoor hut into the world. Two months later she hosted the first dinner experience in Brooklyn, New York in her “Nomadic Mantis Experience” outdoor tent.

In 2022 she created "My Inner Temple" a smaller version, with the intention to create a phantasy space as immersive experience to go quiet, turn inward, sit and take time to extend into prayer, contemplation and inspiration.